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The Party!

March 17th, 2013

We finally got to sing Happy Birthday to Sylas with some of his pals.  He had his first full-fledged birthday party at a nearby art store (it’s also part toy store).

The party started off with some coloring sheets then moved onto a bigger room where the kids worked on some Lego tower building.  Once they were done, the kids worked together and combined each of their towers to construct an enormous one!  Then the (older) kids played pin the head on the Lego figure.  I think the younger ones were a wee bit intimidated about the whole blindfolding/spinning deal.  But all in all, it was a fun party for our four-year-old.  Just check out his enthusiasm in the slideshow:

(Or view the party set on Flickr.)

Thanks to our pals for stopping by and partying with us.  We appreciate the good times and Sylas loves the presents.  It’s sort of a relief to be done with birthdays for now.  We can take a break from the sweet treats, I hope!