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Kindergarten Graduation

June 27th, 2013

We had a great time attending Ariel’s kindergarten graduation on her last day of school! She and her class sang an adorable song about being ready for 1st grade. Here’s a little snippet:

And the class’ thoughtful teacher passed out a candy bar award to each and every student.  She really did take a lot of thought and heart to make sure her students felt special on their graduation day.  Here is Ariel receiving her Amazing Artist Award!

Congratulations for having a successful year in kindergarten, Ariel!  As always, we’re super proud of all of your accomplishments and we know you’ll do fantastic next year in 1st grade!


Mom, Dad, & Sylas

Kindergarten Update

September 17th, 2012

Ariel’s teacher thought it would be a good idea to have her attend school the entire day.  And so here she is at the end of her first full day of school:


What did Ariel think of full-day school? She said it was “Excellent!”

Whew! As for me, I missed her terribly! (Six hours is a long time!) And I think little brother did too.  But they got to hang out while snacking like they did last year.


3’s Preschool

September 11th, 2012

Today was Sylas’ first day of preschool.  He’s in a class filled with other 3 year olds so he doesn’t need to compete with big, scary 4 & 5 year olds like poor Ariel had to a couple years back.  There were no tears and he gave Sis a great big hug when she came to pick him up after school.

IMAG0365   IMAG0366-1

Have fun in preschool Big Guy!  We know you’ll do great and we love you lots!


Mom, Dad, & Sister


September 4th, 2012

Here are some photos from Ariel’s first day of school.  She’s only in half-day kindergarten, which lasts 2 hours and 40 minutes (shorter than preschool), but still is not enthused about having to go everyday of the week.  Poor gal!  She has a really friendly teacher so I’m sure she’ll change her mind about school soon.

Ariel’s Art Gallery

July 16th, 2011

Ariel attended her very first art class held at the nearby community center all week long.  She has shown so much enthusiasm for her projects, I just had to show them off here.  Enjoy!


June 16th, 2011

Yesterday we woke up a little earlier than normal to get everyone ready for Ariel’s big day.  The three of us drove to the neighborhood splash park while Ariel got to take her first ride on a huge school bus.  Certificates were passed out and of course, the kids entertained their family with some adorable dancing and multilingual songs. 

Congratulations Ariel for completing your first year of preschool.  We know you worked really hard this year and we’re super proud of you!  Love, Mom and Dad